Child Focused Counselling

Child Focused Counselling 

Child Focused Counselling offers parents, carers and children an opportunity to discuss concerns and offer tailored parenting strategies specific to your situation. Children's needs are at the forefront of counselling and the emphasis is on developing an understanding of the current behaviours and concerns to generate compassion and kindness and return to a happier home. Caring and loving, teaching and enjoying our children are all natural ideals and ones we strive for with all our hearts. And…then come the challenges they face when growing up. 

All too often we lay awake at night wishing we hadn't said this or that to them, or we wonder what's going on for our precious child with their confronting behaviour or their stories of grief, stress and hardship. It's perfectly normal for all parents to be challenged by our children! Child Focused Counselling gives all concerned the opportunity to talk things through in a confidential and professional environment. 
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Parent Consulting 

Skype sessions can be arranged for parents or carers. 

Who Attends Child Focused Counselling 

The first consultation is for parent/caregivers. 

Following this consultation children attend either on their own, together with a parent or in any other suitable configuration of the family that best suits the circumstances of the child. Separated parents generally find it more straightforward to attend the consultation session individually or with any new partners involved. As required by the Family Court, children will only attend counselling if both separated parents give their consent.

What will my child do in the Counselling Room?

The children are offered a variety of toys, games and crafts to play with during the sessions. They may be encouraged to talk and draw, write stories, poems or songs that describe their experiences. Child Focused Counselling helps children feel more in charge of themselves in their situation by guiding them to understand their behaviour and the circumstances they are in. With a kindly listening and interactive approach they learn to name their thoughts and feelings and how to communicate them. As each child is unique and developmentally their needs will also differ, children are offered whatever strategies are most suitable for them. These may be a combination of creative ways of healing, and/or more cognitive and practical strategies to help their situation.

Counselling Fees

Face to Face or Skype
  • $120 – 50 to 60 minute session
  • $180 - 90 minute session
Payment options are online or cash. Please make contact for online payment details.  
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Children are given the respect of confidentiality.

While parents and carers will need to hear some aspects of the work, these will be chosen carefully and shared only to ensure it supports changes and growth for the child in the family setting. 

Communication about children’s sessions and how they are doing is given by short emails every 2-3 sessions. These emails are transparent between all parents and caregivers involved with the counselling process. Any parent or caregiver is welcome to attend an individual session to ask questions and hear feedback about their child’s progress. 
Parents can be assured that anything involving the best interests of the child will be addressed in any feedback given. 

Confidentiality is in accordance with NZAC code of ethics. (6.1 & 6.2)

Please contact us on 09 623 2660

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